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You hear me saying often if you are around me. As someone who identifies as an Artist, Innovator, and Techie, I constantly seek out opportunities to collaborate with brilliant minds to help create a better world. It's a refrain you may often hear from me if you spend time around me.

Over the course of more than a decade in the industry, I've consistently demonstrated my ability to excel in challenging and multifaceted environments. With a determined and optimistic approach, I am always eager to explore novel technologies and leverage them to benefit my clients.

Ideation & Tech Creative Director


Years of Experience

Designer - in AdWorld

I owe my creative brilliance to AdWorld. It's like they sprinkled some magic fairy dust on me and bam! I discovered my true calling. I learned all about colors, design, and even a little bit of mind control... I mean psychology. Now, every project I touch turns to gold (or at least looks really good). It's like I have a secret weapon up my sleeve!. ::More on Behance::

Artist - in MovieWorld

Working on amazing films and collaborating with talented people has been my greatest joy. As a VFX artist, I've contributed to Hollywood blockbusters, Indian movies, and a 3D animation series. Each project allowed me to showcase my creativity and learn from exceptional talent. I'm incredibly grateful for the journey and wouldn't trade it for the world. ::IMDB::

An innovator - in Corporate World

My entrepreneurial journey has been challenging, but also enlightening. Despite the harsh realities of the real world, I refused to give up. Through determination, I overcame obstacles and built innovative solutions that made an impact. This journey taught me that with hard work and a never-give-up attitude, anything is possible. ::More here::

  • Quick Understanding98%
  • Problem Solving96%
  • Ideation99%
  • Technology90%


Words aren't enough to express my gratitude and joy to every wonderful persons around me who Inspired, Motivated & Guided me. Good hearts like you, who always motivate me. Thank You for going through my profile!

  1. LiVE - Interactive Visualisation

    Bringing new tech

    Currently, I am working on new exciting technology, that enables you to interact with a virtual world from any digital device, not a game but real-world simulation for commercial purposes. The mission is to aid in visualizing the product better using new top-notch mediums like Interactive Visualisation, AR & VR.


    to bring next-gen technology ‘Interactive Visualisation’ to transform how humans interact with the technology.

    Read more about PG here :: ::

  2. PixelGrand

    My Startup

    I founded PixelGrand with a great vision to bring next-gen technology ‘Interactive Visualisation’ to transform how humans interact with the technology.

    As a Director I consider myself to be the heart behind the creative driving force at PixelGrand while blending with the innate qualities of an artistic leader and mentor. With my creative vision and dynamic leadership skills, I aspire to scale greater heights for PixelGrand.

    Read more about PG here :: ::


    Real Estate Interactive Application - our first Innovation. We brought some of the best fusion of technology and art to home sales so that the home buyer can get an enchanting immersive experience and help them imagine what living in the future project will be like. With REiA, you will not only see what your project will look like, but you will actually experience the ‘feel’ of living in it.

    Read more about REiA here :: ::

  3. VA Studio

    My First Adventure

    In 2014, I set up a VA Studio in partnership. This aided in provisioning a platform that would provide equal opportunities and scope for artists; a place where they could be aided and mentored. The inception of VA Studio was also prompted by my urge to contribute towards the community from where I learned and grew to what I am.

    Lead a team of 35 experts... some of the very best in their respective fields, including architects, interior designers, landscape designers, and 3D artists from all over the country. Together as a team, we offered world-class services in areas such as Architectural Visualization & 3D Animation..


    - Responsible for quality 3d production output includes videos and images.
    - I personally worked on developing storyboards, stylization and look development.
    - Optimized delivery processes keeping client needs as paramount.
    - Built the entire pipeline from scratch.
    - Implemented smart tools to help artists to make most of their time.
    - Setup interactive and web design departments which added a lot of value to the business.

    :: Click here to see Our Works ::

  4. Texturing & Surfacing Lead

    Rhythym & Hues Studios

    As a Texture Painter & Lead, I lead a team of 6 artists who are experts in texture painting and shading. We together worked on some of the well known Indian block busters to the Oscar Award-wining movies in Hollywood.

    Rhythm & Hues taught me the most. The evolution linked me to a path of leading Creative Specialists in India spanning over years and building expertise in all spheres of the development cycle.

    Movie titles I worked on:

    Life of Pi
    Into The Strom
    Snow White and the Hutsman
    Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
    The Hunger Games

    :: More on IMDB Profile ::

  5. Lookdev Artist

    at Big Animation & Prana Studios

    At BIG Animation Studio, my main forte was to optimize the shaders for complex characters and huge landscapes. I also created Look & Shader Templates for artists to begin their work. My job mostly was in early R&D; for projects. I also thoroughly enjoyed training new recruits for our projects.

    At Prana Studios, my job included establishing the look and qualities of characters, props and environments; handling demanding Surfacing setups and communicating Surfacing needs with other departments.

    Animation Projects

    Little Krishna
    Back at the Barnyard
    Big Beez
    Tinker Bell
    Flights (Pilot project)

    :: More on IMDB Profile ::

  6. Graphic Designer

    Hema Creative House


    In early city life, after several un-important quests, finally, I landed in my first and favourite company (till date) Hema Creative House as a Graphic Designer. I have got the opportunity to work with local and national level brands for a variety of branding work from corporate identity to launch events. Have a glimpse at my works of the time here.


    Under the supervision of our Creative Director, along with my team, we have won a few ADEX awards for our design and the prestigious Davey Award for Photography.

  7. 2000

    I had graduated from university

    College Life

    It was the time India going through a big transformation with state-level political parties playing a critical role in national politics & the Kargil war. Which made quite an impact on my political views and the same was reflected in my studies.

    Public Administration

    Public Administration is one of my favourite subject, and no doubt made a big score in the topic. If its not the technology which overtook my career, I would have been in serving in public services.

    Political Science

    I am still taking a great deal of interest in the politics and social issues of the time.


My belief stems from the immense power that audio-visual media holds in creating a lasting impression on minds.


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